Strategy Execution & Reporting

The strategy plan is in place and has been duly communicated.  However, too often the plan remains in the inbox of a select few.  

There should be a plan on how the strategy is to be executed, and  progress should be reported on a regular basis amongst the stakeholders.

Unless the plan becomes a part of the management process, high up on the agenda, it won’t take hold.  Actions will once again become ad hoc.

There will always be new issues to address.  The key is to ensure that the agreed strategy takes priority and that new ideas and problem solving are considered in light of those plans.  Progress on the strategy needs to be easily captured and reported on back to the stakeholders.

Otherwise the strategic plan becomes a door stop.


Why is strategy execution & reporting important?

At pSE Advisory, we believe that roles need to be clearly defined, responsibilities allocated, meeting agendas recast and strategy reporting processes put in place.  Doing this will:

  1. Ensure the strategy directs the conversation.
  2. Push down or completely remove from the agenda time-wasting activities.
  3. Prevent new ideas – both good and bad – from distracting the team from the strategic plan.
  4. Ensure that new ideas and issues are properly considered and inserted into the plan appropriately.
  5. Keep the focus on execution and, if the plan is the right one, drive business performance and growth.
  6. Provide feedback to leadership and team members, thereby increasing engagement.
  7. Keep stakeholders accountable to each other for progress on the right areas of the business.

What is our Strategy Execution & Reporting service?

A key assumption is that you have a strategic plan.  We can attend initial discussions to workshop the implementation plan and how we will work together. Moving forward, we can take some or all of the further steps laid out below.   

  1. Identify and confirm the actions arising from the plan.
  2. Work with you to identify who is the best person to take responsilbity for each of the actions.
  3. Work with those people to establish next steps, identify resources needed, set time lines and determine deliverables.
  4. Identify and put in place the appropriate reporting mechanism to track progress and confirm check-in time lines.
  5. Review management meeting agendas and propose amendments to ensure the strategy gets the right focus.
  6. Assist your team to report in.
  7. Provide ongoing management,  monitoring and reporting within agreed framework and timelines

The scope and shape of how we help depends on you.  You may wish to also consider our Strategy & Budget service.  A proposal and quote is provided once the scope is agreed.


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