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For most leaders, whether they be partners, owners, line managers or project managers, the default position is to ’take action’.  And it tends to be reactive, not proactive.  A problem arises, so let’s solve it.  Someone has an idea, so let’s do it.

Each quarter, the team dutifully looks at the results and then takes further action.

“Strategy” might come up in the conversation once a year, or even less. 

This would seem to be the tail wagging the dog.  Actions, not strategies, are driving results.  Strategy is relegated to an afterthought.  And the team is weighed down by an endless and seemingly pointless to-do list.   They have no time.

With a better focus, you can have a better business.  Don’t allow your great ideas disappear into a mosh pit of actions that are not co-ordinated towards a purpose.

Why should you have a strategy in place?

At pSE Advisory, we advocate that the leadership team should be asking ‘why’ more often.  An effective strategy can:

  1. Deliver more outcomes successfully.
  2. Create better business value.
  3. Make management enjoyable.
  4. Give you back time.
  5. Prevent misallocating precious resources – time, money, people.
  6. Make your business a preferred place of employment.
  7. Make meetings more efficient.

What is our Strategy Development service?

We can facilitate your strategic planning by developing an approach that suits you, your team and your circumstances.  This includes:

  1. Meeting with you to understand your requirements.
  2. Scoping the approach for your consideration.
  3. Meeting with your team prior to the planning session.
  4. Drafting an agenda and providing discussion papers if needed and pre-reading.
  5. Facilitating your strategic planning session(s) includind an introductory session on Strategy.
  6. Providing full notes, summary and actions of session(s).
  7. Preparing final strategy plan and action plan.

The scope and shape of how we help depends on you.   The strategic plan might be for your business or practice, or a division within the business.  A proposal and quote is provided once the scope is agreed.

You might also with to consider our Strategy Execution & Reporting and Strategy & Budget services.


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