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As a business owner, you can talk to me forever about your business – it is what you are passionate about.  You will tell anyone who wants to listen more than they could know about what you deliver, why it is the best and why they should buy from you.

What might be niggling you is that you don’t quite have at your fingertips just what is happening IN the business.  Everything is moving faster but more than likely the financial reporting system and the information you are getting is, just maybe, a little dated.  The information is slow to get to you and, yep, it could be a little more meaningful and get down to what is really going on.

All businesses capture information or data, but not all businesses translate that data into a format that allows for quick and effective decision making.

Are you getting the information about your business in a way that makes sense to you, tells you what is going on and allows you to make decisions without spending hours, days or weeks getting hold of that information?


The financial management of your business be improved.

At pSE Advisory, we have had lots of experience getting the right information into the owners’ hands.  Here’s how we can make a difference:

  1. Your team is probably already collecting 75% of the information you need.  Its how it is reported to you that is the problem.
  2. Financial information can be presented in a better format than as financial statements.  We can make that happen.
  3. The non-financial information about your business is just as important – customer numbers, visits, conversions, satisfaction – the list goes on.  What’s your list?
  4. Combining financial and non-financial can really turn the lights on.  We can make that happen too.
  5. Do you really know where your profit has been spent?  Do you know if you really make a profit?
  6. Is your balance sheet in good shape? What’s your plan for that?
  7. We also have a strong technology background and can ensure that the right tools are used to acheive better outcomes.
  8. What about YOU? How do you manage your personal cashflow so it does not affect the business?

What is our Effective Financial Management service?

Managing the financial information and outcomes of business is core to what we do at pSE Advisory. Here’s a guide to how we go about it.

  1. Speak with you to understand your business, what the drivers are and your goals.
  2. Do a review of your current financial position, high level.
  3. Understand your information systems, both financial and non-financial.
  4. Identify the desired reporting framework and necessary inputs.
  5. Identify the right reporting tools
  6. Work with you and your team to create the data inputs and related processes.
  7. Establish reporting cycle.
  8. Test and evaluate management reports and adjust. 

The scope and shape of how we help depends on you.   A proposal and quote is provided once the scope is agreed.

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