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Business owners, professional practices and family groups are sometimes so busy running the business that the future ‘turns up unexpectedly’.

Too often the conversation about the future of the business, practice, group, owner, shareholder, partner or founder goes unsaid and, ulimately, can give rise to resentment or produce surprises.

There is always ‘more to it’ than expected and usualy it takes more time than anticipated.  Time to hear what the stakeholders have to say, to ensure there is leadership succession in place, to ensure there is good capital management in place and to leave the business stronger once the succession plan is implemented.

The business was founded on great ideas.  pSE Advisory can help you keep them coming.


Why should you have a succession plan in place?

At pSE Advisory, we advocate that the future should be made more certain earlier than you think.  A succession plan will:

  1. Provide certainty to all stakeholders.
  2. Ensure that expectations are tabled and addressed.
  3. Enable the right team to be in place and ready.
  4. Provide time to have sufficient capital in place for any intended payouts.
  5. Enable discussions around price, payments and other expectations to take place without either side feeling rushed.
  6. Enable the team to be brought into the conversation, planning undertaken and surpises avoided.
  7. Ensures that the business issues are dealt with in good time and that transitions are smooth and positive.

What is our Succession Planning service?

Getting succession right takes time.  And each succession plan will be different.  pSE Advisory can work wtih you to suit your circumstances, including the following:

  1. Meeting with you to understand the scope of the engagement.
  2. Meeting with stakeholders to build background as required.
  3. Facilitating discussions amongst stakeholders to table the issues and solutions.
  4. Providing full notes, summary and actions arising from meetings and discussions.
  5. Undertaking a high-level review of financial position and structures and working with you to obtain any necessary expert advice.
  6. Working with all parties to arrive at a way forward, fully documented, with actions and responsiblities where appropriate.
  7. Entering into any required arrangements to ensure actions are followed up and completed so that the plan is in place.

The scope and shape of how we help depends on you.   The succession planning might requried for your business or practice or family group.  A proposal and quote is provided once the scope is agreed.

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