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You have a great business. What’s more, the great ideas just keep flowing. However, not all businesses have the space to properly implement the ideas that are going to shape the performance going forward.

Or you might be a larger business with a great team but just can’t find the talent or don’t have the spare resources to drive the project forward to completion.

It may also be that you have a one-off project that needs the right head on it because you just don’t have the time to do it and it is not yet clear that you need someone full time with the necessary skills to deliver the outcomes you want.

At pseAdvisory, we like making great ideas happen.


Having the right skills to run the project just makes sense.

At pSE Advisory, we understand that management  sees a particular project as important and just wants to have the right person on the job.

  1. By pushing the ‘go’ button, management has a sense of progress.
  2. Putting on a full time resource may not be necessary.
  3. It allows the team to continue with business as usual.
  4. Management don’t spread themselves too thin but still retain control.
  5. Fresh eyes, fresh enthusaism and the right skillset come to the project.
  6. The team don’t get discouraged because a project has stalled.
  7. Project completion can lift engagement and make the efficiencies or growth envisaged from the project a reality.

What is our Project Management & Execution service?

Essentially, if you have a great idea you are trying to make happen, we can help.

  1. We can meet to discuss the scope of what you are looking for.
  2. Once we understand the scope we can identify what the next steps might be.
  3. We can integrate with your team and ensure we are all focused on the right outcomes.
  4. We can attend an initial meeting with your team to confirm the engagement, approach and next steps.
  5. The service can be as involved or high level as is required.
  6.  Any issues can brought back to you for resolution.
  7. Full progress and outcome reporting can be implemented.

What’s a project?  Anything you want it to be!  Here are some things you might have going on:

  • Implementing your strategy
  • Bringing technology efficiencies to your business
  • Developing the approach to launching that new product or service line – branding, team, finance etc
  • Developing your team’s approach to business development
  • Acquiring bolt-on revenue
  • Solving cashflow mangement
  • Getting your balance sheet right
  • Putting great management reporting into place
  • Just looking for a regular ‘how’s things?” catch-up with an experienced head

The scope and shape of how we help depends on you.   Your project might be for your business or practice, or a division within the business.  A proposal and quote is provided once the scope is agreed.

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